Performance Fishing Gear That Could Save Your Life
  • FHSW - Cullable Stringer


    Custom designed. Hand Built in Texas. 

    FishHide LiveWeigh Stringer is the do it all stringer that has been missing in the market. 

    - Use the 6” brass pin to stick the fish, you intend to keep for dinner. 

    - 10’ or 6’ or “BabyAcapulcoBlue” custom stringer material.

    - Black low-vis float because it’s your business if you have a stringer out. (Potlickers always looking)

    - 3 Culling Clips allow the Fish the float naturally, independent of each other.  No more pressing gills. Same size clips lengths allow to easily compare fish length. Easy on and off for culling fish.  

    - 6” twist tie allows for easy storing.  

    - Additional clips available...